All those smiling faces – new and returning teachers, staff, students and parents are noNJ School Floor Waxingw walking through the school halls. Hopefully, they will be able to experience a terrific shining for floors, sparkling windows, super clean bathrooms and super fresh and clean athletic facilities.

There are some important back-to-school cleaning processes that shouldn’t be missed, for the sake of appearance, “first-impressions” and most importantly for creating a healthier school environment for the children. If the school has been sitting unused all summer, you can be sure that dust, dirt and other contaminants have made a home on many if not all of the surfaces.

Deep cleaning can reduce allergens, bacteria, dirt, dust, mold and even pollen. It also sets the stage for regularly scheduled sanitizing to help stop the spread of TB, staph infections, meningitis, and other contagious conditions. Being vigilant should be a top priority, and it all starts before the school even starts for the children.
Bestway Carpet & Tile Cleaning offers back to school floor waxing tips for New Jersey based schools looking to make sure that their hallways, classrooms and athletic facilities are up to par for students, teachers and parents when the new school year begins.

Make sure that you target the restrooms and clean them floor-to-ceiling giving them much attention to ensure that all surfaces are sanitized. Best practice including high-pressure cleaning and disinfection of walls, partitions, floors, urinals, toilets and sinks. This is a good time for tile & grout repairs as you would like to start off with pristine bathrooms for the new school year.

Carpet and floors can hid dirt, mold and pollutants throughout the summer and we need to make sure that K-5 schools keep them clean due to the crawling, sprawling kids. Making sure that all of the carpets are cleaned professionally, the floors are waxed professionally before the new school year is extremely important for the youngsters coming back to school or even coming to school for the first time.

Bestway Carpet & Tile cleaning understands the importance of making sure that the hallways, bathrooms, athletic facilities are taken car of properly with a nice deep clean and waxing. Floor waxing services in New Jersey can be hard to come by. Bestway takes pride in making sure that every customer, big or small is taken care of and is completely satisfied once the job has been completed. We want to make sure that when we clean a school, wax the floors, clean the carpets that all children are in a safer place as a result.

If your interested in any of our carpet cleaning, floor waxing or even tile and grout cleaning services for your school please don’t hesitate to contact us today or give us a call at 732-671-8829.