In the event of a cut, nick or scrape, many home and business owners find themselves looking at a stain they’re not sure how to clean. Accidents often happen around the house, and at our carpet cleaning service in NJ, we want our customers to be prepared for any stain that might come their way.

When it comes to blood stains, you’ll want to work on the stain sooner than later. As time passes, blood stains will set into your carpet and become more of a chore to remove. At Best Way Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we recommend two methods for removing this type of stain from your carpet. Customers can choose a non-chemical option and an option that does use chemicals.

Best Way Carpet and Tile Cleaning Offers Two Methods to Removing Blood Stains

Carpet Cleaning NJLooking to choose the non-chemical route for removing a blood stain? First, you’ll want to either fill a spray bottle with cold water, or use a wet, white cloth to apply cold water to the stain. You’ll want to work your way in from the outside of the stain to avoid spreading the stain. Next, use a wet-vac to remove any moisture that remains on your carpet. Once the stain is lifted, simply vacuum the area to remove any residue.

For an easier way to remove a blood stain from your carpet, you can choose to use dishwashing detergent or ammonia. Customers will want to mix one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent with two cups of cold water, or half of a cup of warm water with ammonia and blot either mixture directly onto the blood stain. Once the stain is gone, simply vacuum any reside that remains.

While blood stains are among the most challenging to remove, they are significantly easier to remove if you catch the stain early. The sooner you tackle this type of stain, the easier it will be to remove. If you do find a dry blood stain, we recommend that you scrape to remove any dried residue before you attempt to remove the stain.

At Best Way Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we are proud to help our customers with any stain they might be dealing with. To learn more about our carpet cleaning services in NJ, we invite you to give us a call at 732-391-6500.