While professional cleaning is the best way to keep your tile floors in their best shape, keeping up with everyday cleaning can help to keep your home or business looking great. At our tile and grout cleaning service in NJ, we are proud to be able to offer customers the tips and tricks they need to keep their tile floors in the guest ready shape they desire.

Tip #1: Vacuum Your Tile Floors Regularly

To keep your tile floors as clean as possible, it’s important to vacuum regularly. This will help to remove anything from your floor that might stain or damage the tile, and keep its appearance as stunning as the day you put the tile in.

Tip #2: Avoid Damaging Your Tile with Scratches and Scrapes

When you use chairs on your tile floors, it becomes easier for dirt to enter your tile and stain it. By avoiding furniture that can scrape your floor or simply adding a protective layer to the bottom of chairs or tables, you’ll be able to minimize the damage that can come from allowing dirt to enter your tile.

Tip #3: Wash Your Tile with a Neutral Cleaner Regularly

While professional tile and grout cleaning is the best way to keep your tile in tip top shape, washing your floor with a neutral cleaner regularly can keep the tile in better shape between cleanings. Using a neutral cleaner will also help to avoid damage to your tile.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Company in NJ Shares Tips for Removing Stains from Tile

Tile and Grout Cleaning NJIf you’ve ever spilled coffee, tea or juice on your tile floors, you know how important it is to clean it up quickly to avoid a permanent stain. Immediately after the spill, you’ll want to wash the stain with hot water and detergent, using a stronger product, like peroxide, if the stain isn’t budging right away.

While beverage and liquid spills can be easier to clean up right away, home and business owners may also deal with a stain from stickier products like gym, wax and even tar. To combat this stain, our tile and grout cleaning company in NJ recommends that you place a bag filled with ice cubes over the substance to solidify it, and then remove any remaining material.

At Best Way Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we are proud to be able to offer customers the tips and tricks they need to keep their home or business in its best shape. To learn more about our selection of services, we invite you to give us a call at 732-391-6500 and visit us online at www.bestwaycleaning.net.