At Best Way Carpet and Tile Cleaning, one of the most common calls we receive is about removing gum and adhesive from your carpets. In order to alleviate the stress that can come with these types of stains, your carpet cleaning company in NJ is offering home and business owners the tips, tricks and services you need to deal with gum and adhesive stains.

Throughout the summertime, you might find that your home gets busier and you’ll have more company, which can make for more messes. It can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the messes you might find from a busier home and children playing, so you’ll want to have a plan when you find stains from sticky substances like gum or adhesive in your carpet.

When you first find gum or adhesive in your carpets, you’ll want to start by scraping off as much of the product as you can. Some people choose to use a freezing method, where you’ll freeze the gum or adhesive making it easier to scrape and chip. However you choose to scrape the product from your carpets, it is best to remove what you can as quickly as possible, as this will help keep the stain smaller and easier to deal with.

Once you remove as much of the gum or adhesive as you can through scraping, you’ll want to try chemicals designed for adhesive removal from carpets. You can give a dry solvent or gel solvent a try to break down the gum or adhesive, which will reduce the stain on your carpet.

Finally, you’ll want to use a heat method to remove any residue that remains on your carpet. You can choose to use a steam cleaner or hot-water carpet extraction, both designed to remove any leftover gum, adhesive or chemical left in your carpet. When you work to remove the gum or adhesive quickly, it will be easier to remove.

Carpet Cleaning Service in NJ Offers Gum and Adhesive Removal Services

carpet cleaning company njOf course, the easiest way to remove gum and adhesive from your carpets is to give your carpet cleaning service in NJ a call. At Best Way Carpet and Tile Cleaning, our skilled technicians are trained to deal with any stain you might be dealing with. We are proud to offer professional carpet cleaning designed to remove recent stains or simply to keep your carpets clean with a maintenance schedule.

Whether you’re dealing with gum and adhesive stains or you’re just looking to keep your home or business ready for any visitors, you’ll find the services you need at Best Way Carpet and Tile Cleaning. To learn more about our selection of services, give us a call at 732-391-6500 and visit us online at